Chocolate history, originated, in South and Mezzo American Cultures. Cocoa was considered as the food of gods due to it’s health benefits. It was not available to general population, rather just to the “upper” class. Once Cortez & co arrived and started loading their ships with goods they could not find elsewhere, among other goods cocoa crossed the Atlantic Ocean ( I cant say when exactly), European merchants tried to maximize their profits and lower the production cost, making it more affordable. So they started adding sugar, fat, oil, milk etc to cocoa beans inflating it’s weight, but also diluting the original content and health benefits, totally “killing” the product. By doing that they made it less expensive and more affordable to general public. As the side effect of such production, chocolate health benefits were turned upside-down. Generally speaking from something that is actually very healthy, chocolate became a synonym to junk food. From divine food, it became sugary loaded garbage. Only recently people started to realize how addictive and harmful refined sugar, palm oil, artificial flavors, syrup etc. actually are, but back then (late 19th century and forward), people had no clue of their damaging effects to human health. If I am not mistaken at the beginning of it’s mass production, the product was called sugar tablet, basically sugar, oil, emulsifier, corn syrup, milk or milk powder, syrup along with hints of cocoa powder. As marketing and advertising started to pick up in late 1930’s, sugar tablet turned into chocolate. Only the name changed to sound more appealing, but the ingredients stayed the same. Making real chocolate is expensive and would result in expensive end product, which is not suitable for mass market. So that is how mislabeling began and moved forward, but at some point some people started to realize that what is labeled as chocolate is not really a chocolate. In my opinion that is how dark chocolate had been re-introduced. Once considered divine food some 3.500 years ago when the only form used was a liquid dark chocolate, it came back to the market in it’s solid form. Dark chocolate is supposed to distinguish itself from the “regular” chocolate, pointing to healthier version (which is not very often the case, but that is another subject) of well known junk product, called chocolate. So in my opinion dark chocolate is supposed to represent the healthier, purer version of regular chocolate and that is why they are not both called chocolate.

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Wendy Dawn is an artisanal chocolate maker and creator of Truffolie chocolates ( Wendy studied at the French Culinary Institute and L’Ecole Vahlrona in New York.