Chocolate-Based SuperFood

Est. 2016 Brooklyn, NY


Guaranteed weight loss in 3-4 weeks.

Guaranteed to suppress sugar cravings and overeating.


Skinny Power!

Optimal pre-workout boost for athletic performance, endurance and energy. 70% cocoa, 160mg of caffeine, essential aminoacids and flavanoids. 2g of sugar per serving.

Skinny Week

Contains all essential ingredients to assist in weight management and curbing the sweets cravings. 2g of sugar per serving. 

Skinny Day

Enriched with all the key ingredients for a food supplement or an entire meal replacement. 3g of sugar per serving.

Chocolate-based superfood

Skinny Chocolate is created to preserve and amplify all the health benefits of pure dark chocolate. It is not a candy. Rather, it is snaps of super fruit, intended to help curb sweet cravings, while offering full spectrum of well documented health benefits of flawless dark chocolate.

Its only goal is to make you healthier, smarter, more athletic and attractive,
while still enjoying delicious chocolate.

Our Happy Customers Say…

Between my own training and daily business dealings, my day is action packed and it usually starts at 5am.

I cannot imagine starting my day without Skinny Power chocolate. It wakes me up and more importantly puts my body and mind in a perfect balance super early in the morning.

I am focused and energetic and I do not have sugar cravings. I have my second piece of Skinny Day in early afternoon which enables me to finish my day in a same rhythm.

Absolutely in love with Skinny Chocolate.

Branko Teodorovic

Three-Time WFF Pro Fitness World Champion

I used to eat regular milk chocolate from my favorite brand and overtime after consuming it frequently I started noticing that the sugar in it made me very tired, feeling low energy especially in the mornings. I also put on weight but I could not stop eating the chocolate as I was addicted to it. However this was not sustainable in the long run.

Fortunately, I discovered, through a friend, skinny day chocolate. I started immediately to see a big difference. In addition to tasting great, it has very small amounts of sugar and healthy ingredients. The tiredness I was experiencing before is gone and I also lost weight.

I highly recommend trying it. I also love the meal replacement chocolate which gives me energy and helps me get through my busy day.



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