Assorted Truffles – 12 pc box


Assorted sample our selection, shipped in a gift box: Ambrosia, Bacchanal, Duo, Four Chilli Soca, Honey Ginger, Kaiso

Please place orders at least 72 hours prior to desired date of delivery.




Tahini, Irish cream soaked cherries, strawberries, sorrel flower, blanched almonds, coconut, guava filling enrobed with white chocolate shell and finish with coconut flakes.


Dark chocolate ganache with diets, tahini, black sesame seeds and almond butter encased in dark chocolate shell, finished with the coco powder.

Pistachio Mint

A mint-infused dark chocolate ganache with pistachio and lime zest, enrobed in a dark chocolate shell with a crushed pistachio finish.


Dark chocolate ganache with, tahini, tamarind, turmeric, pumpkin seeds, raspberry, enrobed in a dark chocolate shell.

Lime Honey Ginger

White chocolate, lime, ginger, honey, enrobed in a white chocolate shell.

Four Chilli Soca

Dark chocolate ganache, with tahini, dates, tart cherries, cinnamon, and the Truffolie 4-chilli oil, garnished with red sorrel

Our chocolate truffles are made with the world?s finest gluten-free chocolate. Each piece is hand-rolled and individually hand-decorated. No two pieces are alike.

NOTE: Due to the fact that these truffles don’t contain any additives, it’s recommended to consume them within 7 – 10 days, if unrefrigerated? Up to 2 months if refrigerated.

In awareness of food allergies, these truffles are made in a? facility were nuts, soy, and dairy is handled.

Please place orders at least 72 hours prior to desired date of delivery


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