Artisan, gluten-free chocolates

As a child growing up in the Caribbean, Wendy-Dawn was immersed in an environment that with its diverse ethnic culture, created what she describes as “an intoxicating carnival of the senses”. This sense of abundance, wonder and always following her grandmother in the kitchen was the fuel for her creative endeavors and a keen love for her dog and animals on the whole.

After graduating from college she delved into the art of making ceramics, thus honing her skills for ten years in the creation of beautiful three-dimensional objects. She applied these skills in the fashion industry and took a degree in fashion and visual representation.Dreaming of someday owning her own business and a desire to create a home on a farm for pets that are unable to be adopted.

Wendy-Dawn found herself experimenting with the palette, texture and the sense for the unique, still searching for the magic formula, that fast-track to the “carnival of the senses,” so she began experimenting with chocolate as a medium used to create beautiful and healthy chocolate truffles and bars.

Enter Truffolie

Always a keen cook, she took intensive courses in chocolate truffle and bonbons production. It felt compelling and so she pursued further training at the French Culinary Institute and Vahlrona Ecole in New York. Working alongside other chocolatiers and her friend who were also animal lovers she continued to dream about her animal sanctuary.

Since then, Wendy-Dawn has concentrated on the process of hand-rolling, sculpting and dressing each truffle which are unique, beautiful, healthy… and delightfully edible.

The Truffolie artisan chocolate collection infuses French culinary finesse with the eclecticism of a Caribbean culture. It will excite your senses and ask to be invited into your life.


Wendy Dawn

Truffolie founder

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