Chocolate truffles & bonbons hand-cut and individually decorated

Low in Sugar and dairy-free selections

Be intrigued,  Truffolie Chocolate truffles

We have taken the guilt out of chocolate

Love, Life & Chocolate

Handmade dairy-free filling selections


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10 - 12 days shelf life due to no preservatives


keep at 60 – 65°F to maintain freshness



Dairy-Free Filling Selections

Truffolie chocolate truffles and bonbons are based on the philosophy that follows: quality, tradition and health. When it comes to quality, we make our products using Valrhona chocolate guaranteed to excite the palate and provide a distinctive chocolate experience. In sticking with tradition, our chocolates are hand rolled, cut and individually crafted therefore, giving each piece its own uniqueness.

We pride ourselves in creating an aromatic and delicious product using all natural ingredients, dairy and preservative free, while preserving all the health benefits of dark chocolate.

Our 2-bite Truffle and Bon Bon creations are not only made to incite your curiosity and gave a sensuous thrill but to also take the guilt out of the enjoyment.

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What Our Customers Say

I was blown away by the whole experience of these truffles! Opening the box is a feast of its own, revealing a host of gorgeously hand-shaped chocolates with delicate glazes that make them seem almost like jewels. Do not bother thinking you will only have one. Every flavor is satisfying, distinct and rich. Some are more explosive and surprising, like the Caribbean Kiss and the Cayenne Sour Cherry. If you’re like me you will not be able to resist finding your favorite. It’s playful, delicious and totally worth it.



Carla F.

Jonathan and I loved the new spicy truffle! Bursting with flavor, and interesting new flavor. I am tempted to have another and trade with the kids for a different flavor.
And the orange coffee – bliss. J said “will you sleep if you have that so late?” I replied “I won’t sleep if I DON’T have it.”
J & A

Hello there,

I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and on top of that, I started having issues with blood pressure. Needless to say, my world turned upside down. I was hearing so many conflicting advice that made my head spin, quite frankly.

At that point, I turned to the web and started educating myself about my conditions which led me to your page. I found it extremely helpful and this is why I decided to write you a note and thank you directly for all the wonderful info you put out. You rock!

I found another great page that turned out to be amazingly helpful for both my diabetes and blood pressure conditions. I’m sending it to you in case you want to share it with others like me. Anyway, thanks again and I’m looking forward to new content on Truffolie!

Warm regards


1. Calypso of course. You know how I like my spice- just right! Then # 2. Coffee Orange- oh so right, so Bee-utiful! #3. White Sour Cherries- oh so pretty. And then Coconut & Choco-late my Birthday Dream… I’ve been dreaming of that combination for my birthday cake for 3 or 4 years now. (I happen to share my birthday with my Sister ever since 1947 & I can’t seem to get it out of my head). So what a nice surprise! It’s really a winning combination. I love it. I might just have to have 1 more. OMG -You did it- Marshmallow so delicate. I really must stop now or I’ll end up in the hospital. It’ like a box of fun & love. FYI: and thought the marshmallow was incredible!!!


Hi Wendy the sour cherry is sublime. Love the chewiness. Caramel taffy divine. Ditto the coffee orange and walnut.You have a lovely and delicious product. The ganache texture is wonderful.

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