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Antioxidant rich food • Protection from disease causing free radicals • Improved heart health • Good for overall cholesterol profile • Better cognitive function • Blood pressure and blood sugar aid


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70% Dark Chocolate, which provides your daily dose of antioxidants, probiotics, and flavonoids. No aditives or preservatives, we use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in our chocolates. Our dark chocolate is soy-free and non-GMO. Enjoy Truffolie chocolates without the guilt, our products are low in sugar and calories.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

“I discovered this chocolatier through an Instagram video; little did I know that I had discovered a new way enjoy chocolate. I have always loved chocolate – good chocolate; rich, high quality, fine chocolate. Each new recipe that Wendy Dawn creates is a unique and layered delight for the taste buds.
If I like you enough, I might let you sample some of them. If you’re really lucky, I will give you them as a gift – but only if I’m sure you’re able to appreciate just how special these chocolates are. My palette is forever changed. This chocolate artist is special.”

“Truffolie is a high quality chocolate with thoughtful flavors and textures. I’ve gifted Truffolie to several friends and family over the years and it’s always a hit! The creative reimagining for holidays makes Truffolie a unique gift and a perfect treat for each holiday.”

“Life was like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get. In this case with Truffolie, you know your going to get high quality, handmade chocolate every time.

But the first one more personal I think.😘
Hope you are well.”

“Our Christmas present from Truffolie arrived just in time for Christmas. Each piece perfect and delicious. Each piece different and exciting. We loved it! Can’t wait to visit the shop on day and indulge in some more.  Irene ( Norway 🇳🇴)”

“There is so much to love about Truffolie. Opening a packet or a box is always a feast for the eyes first. Both the bars and the chocolate pieces are beautiful to look at – playful and colorful, with none of that controlled perfection you see so often in high end chocolate brands. In a packet they are special without needing to be ‘special occasion’. In a box they will definitely dazzle. My favorite way to eat any of the Truffolie chocolates (I don’t have favorites) is to suddenly remember I have one or two pieces left in my bag at the end of a tiring day. Who needs coffee?”

“Personal confession…. I admit being a chocoholic and tried every Truffle I can get my hands on. These chocolates arrived in perfect condition, I was so impressed by how well they had been packaged to ensure freshness. For me, to be perfect, they have to be ready like slick on the inside and melt in your mouth. This was a great assortment of truffles beyond my wildest dreams. I loved the flavour and the difference in each. These were fantastic! The chocolates themselves are heavenly and a huge hit with my whole family. Highly recommend th company and this particular product! I will not hesitate to shop again, for special gifts, or just for ME!”